In general, my research sits at the intersection of diversity and emotions. Across these two streams of research I use a variety of methods, both quantitative and qualitative, to investigate my research questions. In my first stream of research on the dynamic experiences of diversity at work, I’ve published a theory paper and utilized lab experiments, field experiments, and survey methods to examine the influence of large scale societal events on minority employees and the interactive effects of multiple identities on organizational outcomes. In my second stream of research on the role of events and emotions, I’ve employed lab experiments, survey methods, and qualitative methods to examine the influence of emotions on work outcomes.

Here is a link to an AOM insights article that summarizes my recently published theory paper: AOM Insights article

Below is a summary of my current research papers and works in progress.


Leigh, A. & Melwani, S. (2019) #BlackEmployeesMatter: Mega-threats, Identity Fusion, and Enacting Positive Deviance in Organizations. Academy of Management Review

Leigh, A. & Desai, S. What’s Race Got to Do With It? The Interactive Effect of Race and Gender on Negotiation Outcomes. Target Journal: Organization Science (1st round R&R writing)


Leigh, A. & Melwani, S. Election Hangover: The spillover effects of major societal events on emotions and work motivation. Target Journal: Psychological Science (Working Paper)

O’Neill, O., Leigh, A., & Stillwell, E. Song of Sorrow: A longitudinal study of work-related grief and its impact on work relationships during organizational change. Target Journal: Administrative Science Quarterly (Writing phase)

Pearsall, M., Leigh, A., & Desai, S.  Topic: Ethical Orientation Team Diversity and Collective Unethical behavior. Target Journal: Academy of Management Review (Writing phase)

Burgess, R., Pearsall, M., Christian, J., & Leigh, A. Topic: Leader Regulatory Focus and Team Performance. Target Journal: Journal of Applied Psychology. (Data analysis phase)

Sezer, O. & Leigh, A. Topic: Political Incorrectness, Gender and Perceptions of Leadership Potential. Target Journal: Journal of Applied Psychology. (Data collection phase)

Leigh, A. Topic: Powerless and Aggressive? Differences in minority and majority group member’s responses to intergroup threat. (theory development)